aura readings & spa nights

I’m a big believer in energies. I love everything about tarot & palm readings, and I’ve had some pretty accurate (and scary) readings in my lifetime, so when a friend of mine said she wanted to get her aura read at our fave local hotel, I jumped on it. What can I say? Weird things intrigue me. How does someone even read your aura? I wanted to find out. So a group of us met up at The Standard for a lunch & spa night where Carrie Moss of MoodbyMoss was offering aura photo sessions in her magical traveling mood yurt.

My reading was so interesting. I wanted to stay in that yurt forever just talking to her. Based off the colors that showed up on my photo, she was able to perfectly describe my personality and energy – which was borderline insane. The accuracy was out of this world. I had a huge orange “fro” around me in the picture, with a tiny bit of yellow/gold, a decent amount of green, a tiny bit of pink/peach, & a weird grey spot that I thought was going to mean death or something tragic. Here’s a breakdown of my reading:

ORANGE: I live in the now & I’m a risk taker. I’m not one to test the water. Instead, I jump right in. I’m enthusiastic, joyful, creative, fun-loving, original, independent & good with people.

YELLOW/GOLD: Good vibes.

GREEN: I’m growing, have will-power & determination. I’m goal oriented, have a gentle strength & altruistic ideas.

PINK/PEACH: I have a good heart and I’m sensitive and loving.

GREY: I’m holding on to something from the past.

Like, whaaaaattttt?! How do you know my life?! SO. ON. POINT.

Carrie travels the country with her yurt & is planning on coming back to Miami so make sure you follow her to find out where she’ll be next!

After we had our minds blown in the magical yurt, the we grabbed lunch on the Lido deck & then spent hours at the spa forgetting about the real world cause there is no better way to spend the last day of the weekend than at the spa. #ProTip: Bring your own masks & scrubs with you so you can do your own treatments fo free. You’re welcome.


























basel hangover.


My favorite week of the year is over, and I’m still a little hung over. Not the “I need a blue Gatorade” kinda hangover, but still. Last week, Miami was transformed into a magical, colorful, creative, inspiring wonderland that brought together some of the most talented artists from around the world. It wasn’t just about the art though, so many parties, concerts and events are curated around Miami Art Week & they all draw in some of the coolest of people too. One of my favorite parts about this incredible week in December is seeing and meeting effortlessly cool and stylish people from all over world who come to my city for an unforgettable time.

This year I kicked off the week at the Art Miami VIP preview on Tuesday night with my friend Jess. (Shoutout to my bosses & our amazing #PRperks). I loved the variety of work this fair features every year & the new location at Herald Plaza made for a pretty sweet setting. Art Miami is so freaking big that I actually went back another night just to get through it all. The pass also included entrance to Context which was right next door so let’s just say I covered a lot of ground. Did I mention I also had an Alec Monopoly sighting (sans face mask)?! It was a thrilling start to my week.

Thursday night was Sarah Bahbah‘s solo exhibition at the W Brickell. If you’ve never heard of Sarah, get with it. She’s a badass LA-based photographer mostly known for being “explicitly transparent in exploring the internal voices of young females” & I’m all about it. Her series ‘Sex and Takeout’ is also super famous & chances are you’ve seen her work floating around the internet. I know I’ve used them as an Insta post once or twice. I was super pumped to even be in the same room as Sarah after following her work on for so long. I still can’t believe I was in the bathroom with her & didn’t even notice! Ugh.

Friday night I headed back to Art Miami with my friend Michelle & also hit up Context & Spectrum before making a quick stop in Wynwood which was..interesting to say the least. Never a dull moment in this city, I swear. I took a much-needed break on Saturday which consisted of a hair appointment, pizza and lots of Netflix. On Sunday I ended the week with a real bang at my favorite satellite fair, SCOPE.

There’s only one way to describe SCOPE…it’s fucking dope. Truly my favorite of all the satellite fairs. This one has the coolest pieces. Every year I get introduced to a new favorite artist. This year I even got to meet my favorite from last year! It was a hilariously great moment. We talked, we laughed, we hugged. I may or may not have fallen in love. I highly recommend checking out Alberto Sanchez. He’s a super cool Spanish photographer that uses line & color to transform black and white images into colorful works of art. WANT! This year I was also introduced to  Ava Grey who uses bits of skateboards to create insane sculptures. So cool. I also loved Ian Berry who makes crazy ass canvases out of denim. DENIM, people! Out of control. Also, Amare Stoudemire said hi to me, so there’s that.

Before the sun set on the last day of Basel I had to get just one more thing out of my system. The installations at the Faena were AHMAZE. Absolutely genius. My pics don’t even do them justice, but I’ll share them with you anyway, obvi. Below are my absolute faves from last week. Till next year Basel!






grenade cu.jpg





charleston charm.

I recently took a weekend trip to Charleston, South Carolina heavily inspired by Bravo’s Southern Charm & the lack of fall in Miami. If you’ve never been, I highly recommended it. Besides being an incredibly Instagramable city & being super rich in history, the food was ah-mazing!

My friend Kelsey from Chicago & I met up in the Holy City on a Saturday at around noon and got right to it! Our first stop was a tiny little hole in the wall French bistro with delicious lunch specials that include a glass of wine! Gaulart & Malicet Fast and French is the perfect spot for a quick delicious light lunch or even a romantic date night. It’s designed with communal high-top tables in what looks to be an old home. Imagine antique built-in shelves and old fireplaces stacked with French wine bottles. It’s honestly gem! My croissant was so fluffy and fresh topped with warm brie cheese and turkey. We passed by this spot several times that weekend, and I seriously wanted to go back in every time.

I’m a big advocate of the “when in Rome” strategy, so being that we were in the land of oysters and catfish, I had to give both a try – several times. Saturday night we had reservations for The Darling Oyster Bar, a super cute and trendy oyster bar with delicious food and the best spicy marg I’ve had in a long time. Also, #protip – if you’re not in college & you want to go out for drinks after dinner I DO NOT recommend King Street. College kids have apparently taken over the city & that’s where they hang. I’ve never felt so old in my life. Sigh.

Anyway, on to the most satisfying brunch I’ve ever had in my entire life – Magnolias! This place is a must when in Charleston. Chances are it will be your only meal that day, but that’s okay because it’s well worth it. The breakfast menu was incredible, but I’ve heard it’s also a great dinner spot. I of course, micro-managed my order & got an off-the-menu egg white omelette with blue crab rémoulade, shrimp, spinach, and white cheddar. It was the It was the most massive omelette I’ve ever had in my entire life with an excessive amount of giant shrimp and lumps of blue crab, but I think about this meal all the time. I wish I could eat it again right now tbh. Also, get the apple fritter poppers with cinnamon cream cheese mousse, you won’t regret it!

Before our trip we did a little research for the best places to eat (obvi.) and Hominy Grill had to have been on every single list we saw – this we realized, was in good reason. This place is legit! I had two fried catfish sandwiches on this trip and the one at Hominy Grill is the only one worth mentioning. The mac & cheese here is also delicious. Apparently, the brunch wait on the weekends can be up to two hours so beware. We happened to stop in on a Monday for a late lunch and got seated right away. They also close at 3pm so keep that in mind!

Although half our trip revolved around food, the other half was all about being spooked! There’s something about fall that makes me want to do spooky things even if it’s no longer Halloween. We heard Bulldog Tours was the best walking tour in the city so we booked the scariest one, The Haunted Jail Tour. This tour took us through Our tour guide Randy (who would later become my bff) was amazing and super knowledgable. The jail had definite spooky vibes, but we didn’t experience any spirit interactions so we were left wanting more. The next night, we booked the Charleston Ghost & Graveyard Walking Tour and to our surprise we were back on the ghost hunt with Randy!

Charleston has so much history and interesting stories, that even if ghosts or spirits aren’t your thing, you should definitely do one of these tours for the sole purpose of getting a little knowledge in. I’m not a fan of carriage tours because, hello…it’s horse abuse, but walk around the city with an expert guide at least once; you’ll get so much more out of your trip. I promise!




irmagod. it’s finally over.

DSC00236.JPGThere’s nothing more irritating than the sound of a neighbor’s generator as you sit inside a four-bedroom sauna going on 48 hours. Now imagine that noise x3 because every house around you seemingly has a functioning generator except for you. *eyeroll*

That’s how I spent most of Hurricane Irma. At my parent’s house in Hialeah, the city infamously known for water, mud, and factories. They live in the nice part, but still. My family didn’t evacuate, because most Miamians never do – and we’re always criticized for it. I left the beach by force, because my parents, like many others, were convinced it was going to be submerged and I would sink with it. Thankfully nothing happened to my apartment, or most of Miami Beach for that matter, but we were lucky.

But want to know what really grinds my gears?! My apartment had power the ENTIRE time. The State of Florida went into panic mode on Tuesday convincing thousands of people to run for cover for a storm that showed up on Sunday. I basically could have enjoyed the comforts of unlimited Netflix, hot meals, and air conditioning for days on end while Irma did her thing outside. Instead, I was held hostage in Hialeah for what seemed like an eternity – a very hot and humid eternity.

My hostage situation did have some ups though. I got to finally finish How To Murder Your Life, which ironically, made me want to murder mine. I highly recommend it BTW. I also saved a bird’s life, or at least I tried. It’s the thought that counts right?

Thankfully, the worst is over. I went to my neighborhood beach spot on 17th & Collins as soon as I got back & was shocked at how empty and peaceful it looked. No beach chairs, no banner airplanes, no boats flashing giant ads on LED screens, no tourists, barely any locals. It was eerily beautiful. So I laid there for a few hours by myself soaking in the rare moment. I hope that everyone that survived the wrath of Irma in the Caribbean, the Keys, and the rest of Florida are able to recover quickly.




nostalgia is priceless.

pass.jpgThis week the stars aligned and I was lucky enough to find out about a Dashboard Confessional concert taking place minutes away from my house – and it was totally gratis.

Shoutout to Ford and Billboard for collaborating and throwing this amazing free event in one of my favorite local venues, the Miami Beach Fillmore. Ford Front Row was a four-part concert series that took different acts to four major cities including LA, NYC, Atlanta and Miami.

Miami’s show featured the Mowgli’s, a super fun band from LA who I also happened to have seen live at a dingy club during my time in Chicago. They were just as awesome as I remember, so I’m happy they’re moving on up and got to play a much cooler venue this time.

As for Dashboard, what is there to say other than SWOOOOOOON.

Chris Carrabba still wears his heart on his tattooed sleeve and I was loving every second of it. They played all the oldies. Literally, these songs were from 2001 and 2003. Then he introduced some new songs, which still had the same feel as the old stuff so I’m very much on board for this next album.

A little nostalgia on a Tuesday was just what I needed. My little emo heart is so full.




I remember when 30 seemed like a lifetime away, but life comes at you fast & this month I celebrated just that. Is it socially acceptable to celebrate your birthday for an entire weekend when you’re 30? I just did & I highly recommend it!

My birthday weekend was fantastic and it led to so much reflection, but I won’t bore you with that. Cinco de Suzie started off with my favorite tacos & guac for obvious reasons & was followed by an amazingggg Tom Petty concert on Friday night. Never in a million years did I think I’d ever see them live and in the flesh so I was pretty pumped about this. Shoutout to my aunt & her husband for hooking me up & feeding me alcohol all night!

Saturday was honestly so so so special. If you weren’t aware, I’m obsessed with rooftops, so I of course had to celebrate 30 on the only rooftop in Downtown Miami. I had a sunset soiree at Pawn Broker at the Langford Hotel, once of my favorite spots & it was PERFECT. It was everything I dreamed of (except I actually did have a dream about it like two days before and it was a complete NIGHTMARE, so this was actually way better haha). So many of my amazing friends came together under the perfect Miami sky to celebrate life, the music was ON POINT, there were bubble bath drinks! I truly had the best time. Did I mention I had the cutest effing mermaid cake on the planet? Pics below 🙂 Afterwards, a few of us went to Basement at The Edition Hotel and danced until 4am because, balance.

Sunday was filled with sunshine, moscow mules, inflatable unicorns, more tacos, and two of my favorite people.

30 is going to be great. I feel it in my bonessss.

While my 20’s were very much YOLO inspired, my 30’s are going to be about balance. I truly believe that’s the real key to happiness. Whether its balance in your career, your love life, or friendships – you can’t let any one thing consume you, and you also can’t neglect one without hurting the other. BALANCE. So live a little, love a lot, and laugh even more, because life’s too short to stress. Did I just become wiser? It must be thirty.






treat yo self.

Life can sometimes be stressful or hectic or both, which is why it’s important to treat yourself every now and then. I don’t mean that in a materialistic sense, but rather with experiences and lasting memories. Last week I treated myself – a lot. I was able to do some much needed recharging and self reflection that was so impactful that one week later I’m still thinking about how amazing it all was. I started my week off with sky wave yoga. If you’ve never been, prepare to have your mind blown…

1111 Vibes hosts sky wave yoga every first Monday of the month at the top of the 1111 garage on the corner of Alton & Lincoln. It was the most uplifting and spiritual experience I’ve been a part of in a while – and now I’m hooked. I’m not a yogi by any means, but I am a sucker for some hippie shit and between the sound bowls, the smell of burning sage, the cool breeze, and Jodina Carey – I was sold. I left class that night so cleansed and inspired with the biggest smile on my face and I can’t wait for the next one. I highly recommend it. No need to sign up. Just bring your own mat & $11.


That Friday I decided to join some friends for moonlight gong meditation at The Standard. The class features the soothing sounds of a gong while you float in a pool. Needless to say, there wasn’t much convincing needed to get me to go. The session was awesome, but I probably won’t be going back until spring or summer time because (I can’t believe I’m saying this) it was too damn cold. Although the pool is heated, the breeze coming in from the bayside was a little much for me and due to uncontrollable shivering, I couldn’t fully enjoy it. The free pass to the spa did make up for it though, and I’ll definitely be going back.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 6.19.15 PM.png

On Sunday I was on a cloud, but I wasn’t done treating myself. I needed more. Don’t judge me. A friend told me about Soothe so I downloaded it and basically had a personal massage therapist delivered to my home within the hour. Francisco was a magician, and he even brought hot towels with him. Download the app and use my code (NTXGD) to get $30 off your first massage. You’re welcome!