skywave yoga.

You know those days when you just feel off? We all have ’em. Sunday was one of those days for me. Luckily, Monday was the first Skywave Yoga of 2018 & the timing could not have been more perfect. Life always has a funny way of setting things up.

Mondays suck. I tossed and turned the night before. Struggled to find energy all day. Yet somehow, after yoga in the sky, I felt so alive. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s amazing what a little meditation & good energy can do. My mind was cleared, my energy was restored. I honestly walked out of there feeling so light and so free.

After an unexpected hiatus, my favorite monthly community yoga class is back! Lots of people have asked about it so I figured I’d dedicate an entire post to it, and hopefully get you out to the next one cause it’s legit one of my favorite secret gems on the beach.

It’s offered once a month so mark February 26th on your calendars people! Deets below!


Time: The class runs from about 6pm to 7:45pm. Bring your mat & get there early to get a good spot!

How to find it: Just follow the yogis. Meet at the 7th floor of the 1111 garage on the corner of Alton & Lincoln.

Parking: If you park in the garage, they’ll validate your parking pass. It’ll cost you $5.

Cost: There’s a suggested $10 donation. It’s well worth it!

& in case you’re wondering – I have witnessed guys, girls, young, old, babies, teens & even dogs at this class – so literally everyone is welcome!


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